My Sketchbook Project-Finally!

After some hard work over the Christmas holidays, I finished my Sketchbook and sent it back to Art House Coop for it to take that fun trip around the world. I was going to link my page on that site here, but it appears that you need a membership to view artwork. So here is a slideshow of my drawings, they would have been uploaded sooner, but better late than never right? The theme of my book is “Unchartered Waters”:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The gallery itself is a bit mixed up, but the slideshow is in order. (As you can tell, this is my first time uploading this kind of thing!)

10 thoughts on “My Sketchbook Project-Finally!

  1. I love these drawings, Colleen:) And of course it’s such a great theme.
    Makes me want to have a sketchbook too.

  2. Binky says:

    Those are nice drawings. I like the clown fish (he always steals the show, doesn’t he?). And James Cameron just dived to the very bottom of the sea. . .

  3. Kroten says:

    Lovely drawings!! and there’s a sea turtle there…yaaiii:)

  4. Totally fun! Great colors and characters!

  5. Cathy Holtom says:

    Your sketchbook looks great, I like the view of the turtle from underneath, I feel as if i?m swimming under the sea too!

  6. Katherine says:

    gorgeous, gorgeous! turtle is so cool!

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